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Please select software to purchase by direct download:

Signal Processing And Decoding Software Price Purchase
Advanced Digital Suite
(for WR-G303/G313/G305/G315 and WR-G31DDC/G33DDC receivers)
APCO P25 Decoder for WR-G305 Receivers US$99.95  
APCO P25 Decoder for WR-G315 Receivers US$199.95  
APCO P25 Decoder for WR-G39DDC Receivers US$299.95  
Universal FSK Decoder
(for WR-1000/1500/3000, WR-G303/G313/G305/G315 and WR-G31DDC/G33DDC receivers)
Professional Demodulator Option for WR-G305 Receivers US$199.95  

Trunking Software Price Purchase
Advanced Trunking Option for WR-G305 Receivers US$99.95  
Advanced Trunking Option for WR-G315 Receivers US$199.95  

Database Software Price Purchase
WaveBase 3 Database
(HF database for WR-G303, WR-G313, WR-G305, WR-G315 and WR-G31DDC/G33DDC/G39DDC receivers)

Networking (Client/Server) Software for Remote Operation Price Purchase
Networking Version of WR-G33DDC Receiver Application US$199.95  
Networking Version of WR-G35DDC Receiver Application US$499.95  
Networking Version of WR-G39DDC Receiver Application US$499.95  
Client/Server Option for WR-G313/G315 Receivers US$199.95  

Virtual Sound Card Software for Interfacing to Third-Party Applications Price Purchase
Digital Bridge™ for Windows 2000, XP (32/64 bit), Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 and 8
(for WR-G303, WR-G313, WR-G305, WR-G315, WR-G31DDC, WR-G33DDC, WR-G35DDC and WR-G39DDC receivers)

Miscellaneous Utility Software Price Purchase
Two-Dimensional Tuning Tool
(for WR-1000/1500/3000, WR-G303/G313/G305/G315 and WR-G31DDC/G33DDC/G39DDC receivers)
Advanced Search
(for WR-1000/1500/3000, WR-G303/G313/G305/G315 and WR-G31DDC/G33DDC/G39DDC receivers)

Legacy Software for Discontinued Products and/or Operating Systems
(please note that only limited support may be available for these products)
Price Purchase
Digital Bridge™ for Windows 9x, ME, 2000 and XP (32 bit)
(for WR-G303, WR-G313, WR-G305, WR-G315 and WR-G31DDC/G33DDC receivers)
Professional Demodulator Option for WR-G303 Receivers US$99.95  
Digital Suite for WR-1000/1500/3000/3100/3500/3700 Receivers US$99.95  
Trunking Option for WR-1000/1500/3000/3100/3500/3700 Receivers US$99.95  
Client/Server Option for WR-1000/1500 Receivers US$99.95  
Client/Server Option for WR-3000/3100/3500/3700 Receivers US$199.95  

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